Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lack of updates means I am working on something hard?

So I have finally got rid of a few of the more persistent bugs the game had, and I am working to get a playable version running so people can have a go and tell me how it feels to play. Right now all I have for you is these two shots from the game. This first is a mock-up I did a few weeks ago using a new-ish tileset to describe what the bare bones of the first level should look like:

And the second is a screenshot of the alpha version of the game ACTUALLY running and not crashing and only doing a medium amount of weird stuff:

So yeah. Pretty bare bones right now, but the main dude is running and jumping and tile-sets are working there is a pause function as well. Yay! I hope to get a video of the alpha running up later when I flesh it out a bit more so stay tuned!